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​Family Photographer in Johns Creek, GA, Capturing Unique Moments

​​Family Photographer in Johns Creek

Shani Uritsky is a talented Georgia-based family photographer. She offers her services in Johns Creek, GA, and helps families capture unique, genuine moments. Obsessed with capturing family, children, and dog portraits, she loves documenting love and freezing it in time with her camera.

Not only does Shani captures raw moments, but she also offers her guidance during the photoshoots. She keeps the environment fun, loving, and energetic. This allows her clients to relax, feel comfortable, and just be themselves. It's all about capturing the rare moments shared between family members, especially candid moments.

Everyone loves the look of unposed, candid images. However, even that can be overwhelming for a lot of people without the right direction. Shani Uristky is not just an expert family photographer—she is a professional who knows how to get the right images without adding any pressure on her clients.

Whether your kids aren't behaving or your partner feels uncomfortable in front of the camera, Shani knows to engage everyone during a photoshoot. She will allow you to explore, interact with your family members, and take in the surroundings. The outcome won't just be your faces documented. It will tell a story—your story

Children's Photography & Portraits in Johns Creek, GA

Childhood is full of special moments. When you have a growing family, you want to capture your child's every step, their innocence, their youth. Shani Urtisky offers children's photography in Johns Creek, GA. She believes childhood may be fleeting, but it's also so magical. You can capture the beauty of your child's different milestones and freeze their most cherished moments in precious photographs.

Whether you hire Shani for a children's portraits session, for a birthday, or for any special occasion, she'll ensure a fun photoshoot, so your child feels safe. Children's photography isn't the easiest, but Shani's experience makes her an expert in dealing with young boys and girls. To her, it's a privilege to be able to capture your little one's smiles, laughter, and childhood.

Shani brings her warm personality to all family and children photography sessions. You can make the most out of your photoshoot sessions with a family photographer like Shani around to capture each moment in its most wonderful forms.

Create a gallery for your family so you can always revisit it. Contact Shani Uritsky in Johns Creek, GA, to book her today!


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​​Family Photographer in Johns Creek
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